Thursday, August 6, 2009

I wanna go surfing!

I'm feeling pretty sick of the small, cold, windy, quiet, rainy town called Torquay that is my current home. It's slowly draining my sanity, slowly and painfully.
Time for some sunshine and waves somewhere warm and happy. Belinda Baggs knows how to live the good life! So jealous!

This guy is cool...

Was trying to come up with a way to describe how I feel about Chris Brown - inspiring mag ed Chris Brown - not the uninspiring woman beater Brown - anyways... I think the title of this post sums him up.
Chris Brown has a rad blog that I find myself checking daily, Urban Prairie Refuelled consisting of cool interiors, design, surf, skate, art fashion and photography. The post titled "When Skaters grow up" is a perfect example of why this blog is so appealing to me. Being an individual that has grown up in surf, skate, youth culture, you get to a certain age when you realize that you feel you've grown out of cheesy surf clothes and need a new take on it - especially when you're building a home, getting married, fulltime job (drag) etc. Brown's choice of content shows that you can bring surf elements cleanly and successfully into your living space in sophisticated style without the cheesy dolphin figurines and frangipani wall hangings that are just truly bad.

After some inspiration? Check it out here...

Mr. Snow

Dash Snow, amazingly intriguing spirit that burned fast, f*kn bright and damned true. Thanks to Purple Magazine for their incredible feature on him, he will always be remembered how he was destined to.