Wednesday, May 21, 2008


She may be a little crazy, but Courtney Love is MY HERO. When she gets it wrong - she gets it really wrong, but when she gets it right, she gets it right like no other. I love it!

Black Rebel Motorcycle skirt

My mum, "Racy Tracy" as she sometimes gets called, always had this hot as hell, black high waisted leather skirt hanging in her closet. I used to look at it when I was like 13 hanging in her otherwise "mumsy" closet - totally fascinated by the fukn 'tude of this skirt. It typified sexy, rebellious rock chick and as soon as I was old enough, I started wearing it with a black singlet, chunky gold chains (or my silver cross) and killer heels. I love the way It totally hugs in all the right places and even if I am having a fat day, its so tight that it just sucks my guts in just right ;)
Leather Patchwork skirt: From my Mum
Singlet: Target
Heels: Target
Leather necklace: Sportsgirl
Silver/Black Beads: Wallflower Boutique
Leather Bangle: Mogil

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Asia Tee

Roger Dean is one of my husband's fav artists - this dude is amazing - I totally recommend checking out hs work because I have no doubt that it will BLOW YOUR MIND! This is one of my most adored tees which has his art on it. It has been worn so much that the cotton is wearing super thin and the print is almost indistingushable - you know that 6month period that a tee has where it is just perfect. It looks totally worn in, the print looks beaten up, its faded just right, the fit is a little baggy and sits soft on the body. This is where this tee is at for me right now - but it is coming close to the END. It is almost to the point where I will only be able to rock it every now and then cos it is not going to survive many more outings!

Tee: Vintage, Roger Dean Print
Jeans: Grab Denim
Boots: Myer
Bag: Vintage from markets
Scarf: D.I.Y

Monday, May 12, 2008

Black Monday

I had an outfit shot to go with this bag but I was wearing all black so the photos were not really turning out - I will try to retake some shots next time in the daylight.
Bag: Boutique

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Beady Eyes

My girlfriend Jill collects (and makes) Jesus Beads. We both wear whole wristfulls of them, piled up to the elbow. The little old ladies at the Melbourne oppe shoppes must love her thinking she is so devoted to the cause - if only they knew ;)

Friday, May 9, 2008

Red Light

My good friend Mez gave me the bomb present last night - a Napoleon makeup brush! I just love the packaging and as I seem to be on a ‘red’ tangent today I’d thought I might as well share it :) Thanks Mez!

The "First Night" Dress

I couple of weekends ago I went to one of my favourite markets in Gtown (Geelong) - I mainly love going to people watch. Mullets, front bums, women wearing scrunched socks and tights - (which ironically is probably going to be back on the catwalks - ewww) and there is always some major cameltoe getting around. Its always a good morning out! Anyway, I was trawling through a rack of this old ladies clothes when I found this totally rad nighty. I got it for $5 and it was amazingly intricate in the most vibrant red colour. The thing is, as I was looking at it, imagining all of the things I could do to massacre this frilly nighty the old woman gave me the history on my purchase. It is a Lebanese "First Night Dress". I'll let you imagine that one. But needeless to say I gave it a damn good washing before I could start redesigning it!

So heres a photo of it after I had attacked it with my sewing machine to wear out. I will try to track down my before shots.

Dress: Customised nighty from markets
Shoes: Urban Soul
Leather Bangle: Mogil
Leather Necklace: Sportsgirl
Leather bag: Vintage

Vintage Rock and Roll

I have an ever growing collection of black bags. They are usually put to good use for 1 or two months before filling up with crap and spending the rest of their time dangling from every door knob in our place. My last purchase was a vintage quilted leather style with an extra long chain strap. Basically a total Chanel rip off - but not. It has the hottest gold and black tassel and its the best size too - not too big and not too small!

I thought it fitting to take my first personal style shots using the guitars, amps and leads that take up much of our house. As this bag is a bit rock and roll I think it fits in pretty well!

Bag me up!

Luxe Accessories are an Australian accessories and clothing label that pump out some amazing designs. All of the above shots are on my wishlist at the moment - the styling is pretty unique - super pretty but with a touch of vintage and a dash of folk rock chic to add to the cool factor.


I frikken love Peaches Geldof! When I heard she had pinched Pete Doherty on the ass seconds before he performed at the Live Aid concert I was totally impressed!

"Just before I went on stage, Peaches squeezed my bum hard and whispered something rather suggestive to me. It left me in such shock, I didn't know where I was.

Bob Geldof has organized this amazing global event, I was facing 210,000 people, the cameras are rolling, and f**king Elton John is duetting with me. And Bob's daughter has secretly made a pass at me."
Pete Doherty.

Love it!!!!!!
But anyway, apart from her foray into a gig with Dotti - a vertical retailer here in Australia, Peaches has shown that she can really pull off some hot rocker babe looks.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Ruby Rose Rocks

Theo Kogan - Kenneth Cole ad

Ruby Rose is the new chick on the Australian MTV block. I really dig her style and my fantasy of having a sleeve tatt is getting more serious! I just totally dig chicks with the balls to do that to themselves. I just love that they dont care that when they are 50 they will look naaasty!I suppose if you did have the nuts to do it, you will prob still hot when they your kicking fifty.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Fashion Toast

I stumbled upon fashion toast a month or two ago and along with my obsession with Perez Hilton and Style Bytes I have become super glued to my keyboard - no joke!

I spend about 8 hours a day designing on my mac, then, when I get home bleary eyed and with a numb ass from sitting, sitting, sitting, aaaaawwwllllll day, I hook up my laptop and check out all of my fav blogs. Rumi from Fashion toast is definately #1 on my list at the moment - easy to see why!


If you had asked me 20minutes ago if I thought "mumble pants" were hot I would have replied with a capital N.O. however, now after catching a glimpse of this shot on HiStyley I would say yes - Mumbles are the hottest and I HAVE TO GET A PAIR NOW!

Jungle Julia Style

After rewatching Quentin Tarantino's latest, I find myself madly in love with the "oh so sexy, but not so totally sexy that it's in your face sexy" style of Jungle Julia and her friends. I'm severly addicted to the soundtrack - best one yet - but it's their short shorts and vintage tees that got me totally hooked. It's the hardest style to pull off - totally masculine but at the same time, unbelievably feminine.

QS Womens