Monday, June 29, 2009

The Upper Garden

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the GROWLERS - mean people suck

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It was Friday afternoon, California Summertime, in Kristina's garden of Eden (all kinds of wonderful)...eating her organically grown zucchini, sipping some fine wine (solid bottle and goss session later) we somehow end up down the road at this place called the Upper Garden. The kid at the gate requested 10 each from us, of course for the kegs accompanied by the token red plastic guzzlers. Persian rug lays across the grass underneath the bands gear, more Lennon style glasses than a Venice stall sale, mid drifts, long wild hair with centre parts hand ruffled to one side, loose and raggy docs unlaced, cant figure if the kids are drugs users or its all just beer... Then the token muse arrives innocently commanding all attention- indian printed handkerchief covers her chest allowing her curved mid drift to show, floor length skirt sitting low enough for her silver belly charms to tinkle, she's an image straight from Woodstock, without even understanding it herself. What a muse! I love her...
And then the band start- these guys are dope. Psychedelic rock style straight from the juxtaposing society that is So Cal. These guys are the Growlers and are ever so Rad. Download their tunes, grab a spliff and enjoy the afternoon!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Another Mirage

My shrinking tee obsession

My husband travels frequently for work, and has quite a collection of vintage tees from LA, Tokyo, London, New York, Berlin, Milan - the list goes on. Heres some more I'd like him to get - (so I can shrink them down to my size in the dryer. )

Monday, June 15, 2009

It's not a Mirage

Mirage Magazine
“Fashion, Swimwear and Jetset Hedonism.” Amazing magazine too x

Seventies Summer Sirens

I often wonder what it would have been like if I was born in the 50’s and was in my 20’s in the seventies. The fashion was insane, the parties were even better. Here’s some images from the amazing Mirage magazine that pretty much sum up a seventies summer fantasy...

Car Crash and i'm all like...

So i'm hung over after power spewing on the Standard's astro turf, driving on the 'wrong' side of the right lane down Sunset blvd, navigating with 2 melting muppets (one which my sister married), a hand drawn map and foggy memory of freeway directions... i look up to the left... amongst all the colour and neon sprawled across that street, out pops this image. CK does it again. Taking on those sensitive American censors in the name of fashion. I guess if you're spending that much budget in a recession on a billboard at such a space, you need to stand out! and this is the exact reason i Love CK. You have to push boundaries to get things done sometimes, rule is keep it classy.
So then i get back to my laptop to melt quietly by myself, start googling some stuff to check out more of the denim campaign and find the below link on youtube...
Watch It...
hmmm maybe this was pushing boundaries a little too far hence being banned some time in the 90's and pulled from air. Have a look for yourself... i get the Warhol inspiration part, but this is a little too creepy and child porn like...and that was the end to my hung day- weird. 

SUMMER BUMMER - Alexandra Cassaniti

This chicks' deal is Rad. I'm confused with French and Cali but thats what i like best .

Daughter of the Revolution//Heidi Merrick LA

Heidi Merrick - ' i am a designer- the clothes i make are the clothes i want to wear. i believe there are more girls like me'.
Heidi Merrick- ' my father is a designer- my father and i use alot of the same tools: L squares, blue pencils, patterns, markers and templates. His medium is the surfboard , mine is the dress'
Heidi Merrick- 'clothes change you. I believe what you wear on the outside affects who you are on the inside. It is so much easier to be kind when you feel beautiful. You know this is true'

This girl designs very true to herself and how she feels. A good quality to find in a designer. She is the daughter of one of the greatest designers in Surf history, Al Merrick. She is a daughter of the revolution.

Q is for Quail

QUAIL: A term used in 1960's hipster slang to describe a woman or girl!
This brand originated in LA with the owner/designer Michelle Williams wanting imperfection to be beautiful. I want this red dress from her Spring collection 09- what an awesome cut!


Last week FOAM magazine teamed with the new ShoreBreak Hotel in Huntington Beach for it's official opening. The girls at FOAM put on a runway show of laid back looks for Summer. My friend Jodie got us on the list and introduced me to the pretty ladies at FOAM. Not only was it a great event, i got a taste of some fresh LA labels. Have a look above...

So Rich, So Pretty...