Monday, June 30, 2008

The Baddest Biatch on the Gold Coast

Miss Hannah Bowd doing us proud!

I want, want, want THIS!

The Bed Troll

Miss Jillian Shannon, the raddest chick to ever grace this earth has been painting, stitching and "finger-banging" up a storm lately. Her work is a series of hot, kooky chicks with "sperm hands," tattoos and bunny ears on calico. I'll post more of her stuff soon...

Dirrty Glam Magazine

Dirrty Glam online magazine. I love!

Maurie and Eve

Maurie & Eve - my latest label crush!!!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Black Rebel Motorcycle Boots

My Husband and I bought our house about 8months ago and we are still decorating it slowly with crazy bits and pieces that we pick up at markets, art from friends, instruments, surfboards and bits of Haydn's 1964, Ford that he is building pretty mutch from scratch. We have decided to do a mirror wall, full of retro mirrors that will cover one full wall in the guest bedroom or study. So here are some shots of my old motorcycle boots that I got about a year ago from American Rag in Melbourne, taken in a couple of mirrors we have scrounged together so far.
Boots: Vintage Guess from American Rag

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Flanno and Feathers

I was never the type of girl who could get amped about "flano" pajamas. I always said flannelette was for people who dont get any action (if ya know what I mean). But now with the whole Kurt Cobain, 90's grunge Flano revolution I have been awakened to the unbelieveable comfort that anything made out of this fabrication can bring. Lazy comfort dressing is now somewhat accepted. Sounds good to me!

The leather and feather belt is sadly not owned by me, but by this chick Georgia who I work with. Pretty insane $3 purchase from an Op Shop. I love the buckle detail and the feather insert. So gorgeous and quite unique.

Flano: Quiksilver Mens
Body Suit: Target
Singlet Quiksilver Womens
Jeans: Grab Denim
Shoes: Converse
Hat: OS sample

Belt: Thrifted

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Next Project....

Click to enlarge.

Im a little hesitant posting this because alot of the time - okay, most of the time - I am all talk and no action. But... this dress is to be my next project! I am totally in love with these shots off dropstitch a really cool Perth streetstyle blog. I used to live in Perth so I love looking at this site!
I love the colours and the lace vs block fabrications. The design I have illustrated up is a little on the boring side but I think with a dress like this it is definately better to be simple!

Electric Lady Land

I have always had a thing against wearing animal print clothing - I've seen too many crusty old ladies whilst I was growing up on the Gold Coast, who strutted their stuff wearing full on leopard print. They always had heaps of gold jewellry dripping off their ears, necks and wrists and hot pink lipstick smeared across their trout pouts, as well as the obligatory peroxide hair and orange fantasy tan. Niii-ce!
So, when I first saw this leopard print top, in the raddest vintage store I was a little hesitant. I felt a bit hipocrytical because I actually really really liked it - lots. It reminded me of the 1950's rockabilly chick who was all about Betty Page, Hot Rods, Ed Roth, Polka dots and platforms. So I bought it and here it is. I think it will be alright as long as I don't get any fantasy tans!

Top: Vintage Leopard Print
Cardigan: Thrifted
Jeans: Grab Denim
Ballet Flats: Target
Bag: Roxy
Hat: OS sample
Bracelets: Gift from my friend, Jill.

Monday, June 9, 2008

A feather is a letter from a friend

Thats what my Nana used to say. I love that feathers are becoming one of the biggest trends to take over the fashion world at the moment. Windy Freda has produced two gorgeous collections of feathered head pieces, check out the website - it just makes me wanna get stoned out in a field while listening to Cream or something. Peace.

The Return of the Belly Button

Stop eating - it is coming!

Pretty as a Peacock

The fashion world is being invaded with Peacock feathers in all of their glory at the moment. It got me thinking about this clutch my mum had when I was younger. Its handmade and leather with glued down peacock feathers. I begged her for it, unfortunately however, she is determined to keep it. I am on a mission to make one - I will keep you posted - I dont think it will be too hard? Maybe?


Click to enlarge.

This is a collection of all things inspiring to me right now...
Ultra Marine Blues, Sea greens and Inky purple colours.
Urban outfitters - WHY WON'T YOU SHIP TO AUSTRALIA?!!!!!!
Pinks - wierdly enough!
Detailed Fringe bags vs. Simple shopper bags (like the net bag pictured)
Tan leathers.
Nicole's hair.
Batman - Luella Style!

What I Want

Click to enlarge.

I always see awesome fashion/accessories and save the photo for it to get really lost in my computer somewhere, so, to overcome this problemo I am going to stick 'em all down together.


At the moment,

I want

A bird handbag.
So hot.

To wear my denim cutoffs.

To purchase and wear a spunky jumpsuit like this amazing chick in the photograph (Photo from my fav Australian Blog A new muse )

Cut my hair really really blunt and short and really peroxide the bejeeezus out of it.

Bust out a denim dress (Or locate my old school JAG denim maxi skirt)

Raider Of My Mum's Wardrobe

One of my major pet hates is looking through old photo albums of my mother's and checking out all of these rad outfits shes worn 'back in the day' that I desperately hope that she has kept and magically stuffed waaaay up the back of her cupboard. Most of the time my chances are pretty slim, however some of my favourite clothes have been snavelled from her treasure chest of a closet. After seeing the latest Just Cavalli Campaign and the tidal wave of Tie Dye that is taking over the fashion world again, I happened to remember this silk tye dyed mu-mu (is that how you spell the homer simpson esque dress) that my mum once had. Luckily she had kept it!!!!!!
I spent one long night cutting, strapping and stitching and voila! Here it is in all of it's hacked to death glory. Nothing better than bring back something with family history and revitalising it all over again.

Dress: Raided from my mum's closet
Belt: Lee Denim
Shoes: Urban Soul
Earrings: Sportsgirl
Clutch: My Mums

Monday, June 2, 2008

Hyde.y Hyde Hyde!

The designer Sascha Knight
I want this bag!!!!!!!

If your like me, a little tame in the fashion stakes, (lets face it, I'm no Susie Bubble - who is, by the way, AMAZING) and you want to have something to really up your style ante then I would suggest the purchase of one the most unique bags you will ever come across. Hyde S.K is a little label I stubled upon while shopping in my favourite spot in Melbourne, Someday Store. Each Hyde S.K bag is a work of art, hand produced in London and has the craziest trims. With an American Indian vibe and a touch of hippy/rocker 70’s America, to put it bluntly, these bags are epic.

Photo cred: