Monday, September 29, 2008

Little Doe Love

Lust after it here.

Jilly's making tampons

This photo fails to do justice to the magnificence of an opaque black tampon fashioned from resin. My unbelievably talented friend Jill has taken to making casts of everything you could possibly imagine, eg. tampons, keys, the good ol' ciggi lighter, ciggi butts, caramello koalas.... the list just goes on and on!
I was lucky enough to aquire one of her first amazing creations, the "cat key" and (of course) a tampon for a girlfriend who gave me some rad rad jeans a while back.
Jill isnt too far off from getting her resin online. I'll keep ya posted;)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bec & Bridge

Some Summer Inspiration! I love the sheer bodysuits and the little flip dress. Maybe not as much fake tan though!
Check out their range here...


Hawaii's RDH is a sadly missed friend of Torquay. Heres a little tribute! Check his website here.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Current Elliot is a new denim label out of the states that has a really fresh take on the whole sixties, wannabe Kate Moss styling that is around everywhere. The highwaisted Horsehsoe jeans look divine and the boyfriend jeans are super sexy. I love the whole look. I just spent my weekly splurge on a new pair of Sass & Bide Black Rats so I might have to wait a while to get my hands on something from this amazing collection!
By the way - does anyone know where I can get those boots?!?

Friday, July 18, 2008

Ruby Rose

I have always loved costume jewelry, especially novelty stuff that you know was either ridiculously expensive or super cheap. Two of my recent purchases was a leopard ring and necklace. So tacky and cool at the same time!
Maybe one day I can get the super expensive 24carat gold ruby eyed leopard ;)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Denim Heaven

I have never been that into knits for summer, however checking out Vogue Brazil's photoshoots and other random images the swimming around on the net at the moment, I have found myself lusting after knitted dresses, swimwear and vests. It gives that whole boho feel but is a little harder to find and less likely (hopefully) to turn up in the chain stores.
The bleached out denim is also super appealing and thanks to such an awesome friend, I dont have to say that I am lusting after a pair of the said jeans. Bleached to the nines and zipped to the knee, I have a new love in my life!
I'll post outfit shots soon :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


It isn't always easy to highlight accessories in a photoshoot - clothing usually always drags my eye first, then to the models face, perhaps the setting and lastly the bag, scarf or belt, which is usually hard to see - obscured by half a body.
Trawling the internet today, I stumbled upon MiMCO's new campaign. It captures the product beautifully, making every piece so desireable that I will have to tape my credit card statement to my head to stop me from going buying up half their store. Divine!

Monday, July 7, 2008

The Stolen Girlfriends Club

The Stolen Girlfriends Club is a New Zealand based label who take on the Ksubi, Chronicles of Never aesthetic but, rather than look like one of the many erm.. 'try hard' labels, following this fashion path, TSGC, comes off looking really solid. I am holding myself back from posting about their jewelry as I dont want to get too jewelry obsessed right now!

Ryan Heywood

Check out his website, ama-a-azing, yeew!

Bing Bang baby!

While I am on a mad jewelry tangent (- did you notice I finally learnt how to spell 'jewelry'?) I thought I would post about my latest 'lust after', Bing Bang.
Born in Mexico, Bing Bang's designer, Anna Shefield, draws from the stark environs of her homeland to create a simple, dark and masculine aesthetic with her jewelry and accessories line. Worn by celebs such as Cameron Diaz, Jess Alba and super model Giselle, Bing bang is fast becoming one of the most desirable jewelry offerings around. I am in Love with the whole range, especially the chunky, hard worn bracelets, and pyramid stud earrings.