Monday, June 29, 2009

The Upper Garden

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It was Friday afternoon, California Summertime, in Kristina's garden of Eden (all kinds of wonderful)...eating her organically grown zucchini, sipping some fine wine (solid bottle and goss session later) we somehow end up down the road at this place called the Upper Garden. The kid at the gate requested 10 each from us, of course for the kegs accompanied by the token red plastic guzzlers. Persian rug lays across the grass underneath the bands gear, more Lennon style glasses than a Venice stall sale, mid drifts, long wild hair with centre parts hand ruffled to one side, loose and raggy docs unlaced, cant figure if the kids are drugs users or its all just beer... Then the token muse arrives innocently commanding all attention- indian printed handkerchief covers her chest allowing her curved mid drift to show, floor length skirt sitting low enough for her silver belly charms to tinkle, she's an image straight from Woodstock, without even understanding it herself. What a muse! I love her...
And then the band start- these guys are dope. Psychedelic rock style straight from the juxtaposing society that is So Cal. These guys are the Growlers and are ever so Rad. Download their tunes, grab a spliff and enjoy the afternoon!

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